Language Proficiency
Advanced language proficiency in at least one modern European language other than English. This requirement can be fulfilled by successful completion of a 204-level course in French, German, Italian, Spanish, or another language spoken in Europe. Test scores, AP exam scores, transfer courses, and language courses taken abroad qualify as well.

Study Abroad/Internship
Participation in a study abroad program in one of the European countries. The program needs to be approved by the CES adviser. In special circumstances, students can petition to complete the requirement with an internship related to a European country or the European Union either in the U.S. or abroad. Students who participate in a study abroad program and complete an internship can count the internship as one of the 4 free elective courses for the Certificate.

Gateway Courses (2)
Two gateway courses need to be taken at Catholic University:

  1. EURO 201: European Culture: Interdisciplinary seminar, covering a special cultural topic
  2. EURO 202: European Politics OR EURO 203: European History: Introduction to the politics and history of Europe and the European Union. Students are required to take one of the two courses (either EURO 202 or EURO 203)

Elective Courses (4)
4 Elective Courses: These courses must be from at least 2 different departments and a minimum of two courses must be from a department outside the student's major. The courses can be selected from a list of approved courses. Courses not listed, including transfer courses and courses taken abroad, require approval by the CES adviser to be counted toward the certificate program.

Enrollment in the Program:
The CES is open to all undergraduate students at Catholic University who have declared a major. Students can sign up for the Certificate in European Studies at any time after consultation with both the CES adviser and their academic adviser.

Progress and Advising:
Students are required to meet with the CES adviser each semester to discuss course selection, to ensure that selected courses are eligible for CES credit, and to discuss their progress toward fulfilling the language proficiency and study abroad requirements. Students must obtain prior approval from the CES adviser for participation in study abroad programs and for internship selections to ensure that they will count for their certificate.

Exit Requirements and Distinction:
Certificate students are highly encouraged to focus on a topic related to European Studies in the senior project they complete in their major (senior thesis, senior paper, or project). Students who complete a senior project in their major with a topic related to European Studies and graduate with at least a 3.2 GPA average in the certificate courses will be awarded the Certificate in European Studies with Distinction.

Checklist for the Certificate in European Studies

_____ Language Proficiency at 204-level in a modern European language other than English

_____ Study Abroad in a European Country (or, if exception was granted, internship in Europe or in a European company/organization in the U.S.)

_____ EURO 201

_____ EURO 202 or EURO 203

_____ 4 approved courses with European focus

_____ 2 of these courses offered by a department other than the major area of concentration

_____ Courses offered by at least 2 different departments