Arts and Sciences CAP: 
Dr. Sophia Aguirre
Dr. Jakub Grygiel
Dr. Vadim Knyazev
Dr. Larry Poos

Dr. Marc Sebrechts

Alternates:  Dr. Ed Cook and Dr. Kate Jansen

Arts and Sciences representatives to Standing Committees of the Academic Senate 
Dr. Caroline Sherman, Committee on Faculty Economic Welfare
Dr. Jenifer Paxton, Committee on Academic Services
Dr. Margaret Ann Kassen, Committee on Academic Services
Dr. Brendan Rich, Committee on Academic Services
Dr. Michael Mack, Committee on Budget and Planning
Dr. Alex Russo, Committee on Budget and Planning
Dr. Pam Tuma, A&S representative to the Board of Trustees
Dr. Ernest Suarez, Committee on Academic Policy
Dr.  Laura Mayhall, Committee on the Faculty Handbook and Unit Standards Committee
Dr. Kiran Bhutani, Unit Standards Committee

Dr. Julia Young, Committee on the Faculty Handbook
Dr. Gianfranco Piras, Unit Standards Committee


Academic Council
Dr. Niki Akhavan
Dr. Kiran Bhutani
Dr. Kathryn Bojczyk
Dr. Renate Chancellor
Dr. Martha Cruz
Dr. Sarah Ferrario
Dr. Matthew Green
Dr. Andrew Gross
Dr. Herb Hartmann 
Dr. Margaret Ann Kassen 
Dr. Michael Kimmage
Dr. William Klingshirn 
Dr. Lilla Kopar 
Dr. Steve Kraemer

Dr. Greg Miller
Dr. Brendan Rich
Dr. John Philip
Dr. Josh Samuels
Dr. William Saunders
Dr. Caroline Sherman
Dr. Seth Smith
Dr. Thomas Smith
Dr. Ernest Suarez
Dr. Pam Tuma
Dr. Brandon Vaidyanathan

The Arts and Sciences Awards Committee (two-year term) selects the recipients of the mid-career sabbaticals as well as the school awards for research, teaching, service, and mission. Currently the members are:

Dr. John Choy
Dr. David Jobes
Dr. Lilla Kopár

A&S Graduate Board Members
Dr. Sandra Barrueco
Dr. Tobias Gregory
Dr. Andrew Gross
Dr. Steve Kraemer
Dr. Maryann Cusimano Love
Dr. Stephen West

A&S Undergraduate Board Members
Dr. John Choy
Dr. Marcie Goeke-Morey
Dr. Jakub Grygiel
Dr. Prasad Senesi
Dr. Seth Smith
Dr. Brandon Vaidyanathan

A&S Senators to Academic Senate
Dr. Thomas Smith, Dean
Dr. Maria Sophia Aguirre
Dr. Kiran Bhutani
Dr. Ann Corsi
Dr. Greg Miller
Dr. Ian Pegg
Dr. Sarah Ferrario