All tenure, promotion, and reappointment cases begin in the department. The Chair should work with the faculty member to help them understand the timing, process, and documents required for their particular case. After a departmental vote, the dossier moves to the School Committee on Appointments and Promotions (School CAP). Promotion cases will also go to the Ordinary Faculty of the School. The Dean then endorses or does not endorse the dossier and sends it either to the Provost (in the case of a reappointment) or to the Senate Committee on Appointments and Promotions (in the case of tenure and promotion). Tenure and Promotion cases then go to the Academic Senate and the President. Tenure cases also go to the Board of Trustees at their June meeting.


If any two reviewing bodies, or the Academic Senate, fail to recomend the candidate for tenure, the negative recommendation is considered conclusive. Candidates can appeal to the Provost. If the President or Board of Trustees fail to approve the tenure application, then the Senate can ask for a joint Board-Senate committee to review the application, but the Board of Trustees will make the final determination.