Students in the School of Arts and Sciences at The Catholic University of America are immersed in a dynamic environment of academic excellence that draws its defining character from the Catholic intellectual tradition and is energized by its location in Washington, D.C.

Graduate and undergraduate students alike sense the seriousness of our scholarship from their earliest experiences with our faculty in classrooms, laboratories, and studios. Across 17 departments and more than 40 fields of study, students participate in learning and research at the highest level. They are drawn into an uplifting pursuit of knowledge that challenges them to do their best work.

The Catholic intellectual tradition holds that faith and reason form a unified path to the truth. There is no question that cannot be asked and no answer that need be feared for those who seek to know the truth because the author of creation is the source of all truth. Students of all faiths are welcomed to join in this quest for truth and to embrace its invitation to become their best selves.

Our location in the nation's capital, a city of global consequence, gives our students a unique opportunity to engage the culture and to enter into the national dialogue about the policies and priorities that will shape our country's future. The resources available to students in this city — libraries, museums, research centers, think tanks, performance centers, sports arenas, parks, restaurants, and more — make this the perfect place to start living your best life.