Think of the School of Arts and Sciences as the liberal arts college embedded within Catholic University. We're very diverse in our fields of study, but we're united in acknowledging the origin of our existence, the divine source of the natural law that's encoded in our hearts, and in the pursuit of truth.

All of our disciplines — arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences — constitute a circle of knowledge where we're all connected through our common effort to try to uncover the truth in various ways. Each area of study is rooted in the belief that the ordered universe is the foundation of all research and knowledge. Our 17 departments and seven interdisciplinary programs are perpetually in pursuit of excellence, and devoted to discovering how to better serve our fellow human beings.

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Departments and Programs

The 17 departments and seven special programs within the School of Arts and Sciences offer diverse degree programs that emphasize both research and teaching. Our faculty includes world-renown scholars and leading researchers in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

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