The first thing to know about deciding on an academic program in the School of Arts and Sciences is that we are here to help you. The school's Undergraduate Programs Office will help you through the process at every step along the way — choosing or changing a major or minor, selecting courses, arranging for tutoring, working out scheduling issues, and connecting with research opportunities and internships. 

The information and resources included on this page will get you started on your way toward making decisions about the program of study you will pursue as an undergraduate student. Do not hesitate to call upon the staff and faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences to help you make sure you are making the best decisions you can.

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    Explore the list of more than 30 undergraduate majors offered through the School of Arts and Sciences.

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    Minors and Certificate Programs

    You can broaden your educational experience by choosing a minor or certificate program from the list of options offered through the School of Arts and Sciences and other schools of the University.

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    B.A./M.A. and B.S./M.S. Programs

    The B.A./M.A. and B.A./M.S. programs give outstanding students a way to accelerate their progress toward a master's degree by enabling them to take up to four courses in their major for both undergraduate and graduate credit.

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    Undergraduate Advising

    This site contains the Advising Handbook of the School of Arts and Sciences.  This is a guide to the regulations and procedures governing academic progress. 

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