Catholic University and the School of Arts and Sciences have a range of internal support structures and resources that are available to faculty. 


Regular faculty are eligible for parental leave, sabbatical leave, disability leave, and unpaid leave.

Parental Leave

Faculty can apply for a semester's relief from teaching with the arrival of a new child through the Provost's Office. Faculty can also apply for a temporary part-time adjustment of workload for reasons of caregiving (Faculty Handbook III-B-8).


Tenured faculty can apply for sabbatical through the Provost's Office every seven years. If granted, sabbatical leave gives a year of teaching relief at half pay, or a semester of teaching relief at full pay.

Temporary Disability Sick Leave

Temporary Disability Sick Leave is governed by Faculty Handbook III-B-6, and can be applied for through the Provost's Office.

Unpaid Leave

Faculty can apply for up to two years of unpaid leave at a time, through the Provost's Office.

Internal Funding

The Dean's Office has three forms of internal funding support: annual research and professional development allocations, interdisciplinary research fellowships, and mid-career sabbaticals.

Research and Professional Development Funds

All tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty will receive research and professional development funds through their departmental budgets beginning in Fiscal Year 24.

Interdisciplinary Research Fellowships

The dean's office funds faculty who are pursuing interdisciplinary projects through the Interdisciplinary Research Fellowship program. Please contact Associate Dean John Choy for more details.

Mid-Career Sabbaticals

The dean's office takes applications for a semester's mid-career sabbatical for tenured Associate faculty who have excelled in service and teaching and need a semester relief from teaching in order to advance a research project that will make them eligible to apply for promotion. 

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