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The Catholic University of America recognizes that autistic students* may face unique challenges that pose significant barriers to completion of their secondary degree. Such students could benefit from a comprehensive and tailored support program that plays to their strengths, while also focusing on areas for improvement. Catholic University is the first university in Washington, DC to offer this direct support for autistic students.

With a generous donation from alum Mary R. Cohen, Ph.D., CASP will support autistic students in building skills to help them thrive at Catholic University, including those related to self-care and self-advocacy. Further, the program aims to create a comprehensive community of support by engaging university faculty and administrators to educate them on the needs of autistic students and strategies to support them.


*Taboas, A., Doepke, K., & Zimmerman, C. (2022). Preferences for identity-first versus person-first language in a US sample of autism stakeholders. Autism, 2, 565-570.



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