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Academic Excellence in a Collegial Community

A diverse body of thinkers working across disciplines, with the freedom to question and explore all aspects of the human mind, united in their quest for truth and knowledge.

The Catholic Mind

We foster curiosity in our students and encourage them to seek truth by exploring reality, both seen and unseen.

The D.C. Advantage

Pursue your passion in one of the most dynamic cities in the world — a hub of arts and culture, innovation, politics, and social change.

Research Areas

Pursue your academic goals alongside faculty on the cutting edge of their disciplines at one of the leading Catholic research institution in the U.S.

Forming the conscience of research in science and the liberal arts

Through more than 40 fields of study across 17 departments, at the School of Arts and Sciences you will find the freedom to explore the depths of scholarly study and push the boundaries of possibility. Pursue all aspects of knowledge of the human experience through the lens of faith in a city that offers exceptional opportunities in every field of science and the liberal arts.


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Study Abroad

Our students have a hunger for new experiences and expanded world views that places the School of Arts and Sciences as the university leader in study abroad and global experiences. Explore the vast array of possibilities.

The Depth and Breadth of Knowledge

Diverse in study but united in our pursuit of truth, at the School of Arts and Sciences we are a driving force for advanced research, searching beyond what is seen and apparent and applying each new discovery to the betterment of mankind.