Great Wall of China

Admission for this program has been suspended.

An Asian Studies minor can be an excellent option for students majoring in Business, Politics, History, Theology and Religious Studies, Media Studies, and other subjects at Catholic University. This minor offers an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective to enhance knowledge about the development, functioning, and interaction of Asian people, values, regions, and cultures. It is flexible and can be customized to each student's interests and learning objectives. As part of the program, students will study an Asian language (such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Hindi, or another appropriate language) up to an intermediate level, gaining proficiency in both language and culture. The Office of Global Strategies strongly recommends students to consider studying abroad, as they can receive credit for their requirements, subject to approval. For more details, please see the CUAbroad website. If you are interested in this minor, please contact the Director of Asian Studies, Yung-Yung Chang (, for more information on how to sign up.