Pre-Medical Coordinator:
Marion B. Ficke, Biology, 212 McCort-Ward Hall, 202-319-5870

Admission to medical school requires planning, determination, aptitude, and suitable preparation. Competition for admission to medical schools is intense.

The pre-medical program at CUA offers students a sound preparation for entrance into medical school. Students enjoy a wide choice of curricula in keeping with the requirements of most medical schools that applicants have a broad background in the liberal arts.

Traditionally, the pre-medical student at CUA has majored in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, medical technology, psychology, or biomedical engineering. However, CUA pre-medical students have majored in fields as diverse as English, philosophy, and music.

Requirements for Medical School Admission
While there is some variation among medical schools, most require the following courses for admission:

  • one year of general biology (with lab)
  • two years of chemistry, general and organic (with lab)
  • one year of general physics (with lab)
  • mathematics; expectations vary among schools

The CUA courses which may satisfy these requirements are:

  • Biology 105 and 106
  • Chemistry 103-113, 104-114
  • Chemistry 203-213, 204-214
  • Physics 205 and 206 (or 215 and 216) plus 225 and 226

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is required by most medical schools and should be taken at the end of the student's junior year.

The Pre-Medical Advisory Committee is responsible for interviewing students and preparing recommendations when they apply to medical school. For guidance, contact the pre-medical coordinator, Ms. Marion B. Ficke, as early as possible in your college career.