Getting an education requires choices, and you are the one who makes them. Academic advisers are there to assist you, to provide information, and to make suggestions. They will help you to choose courses that allow you to complete all the requirements for your degree while taking the fullest possible advantage of the diversity of course offerings at Catholic University. But remember that the ultimate responsibility for academic choices rests with you. You must help your adviser by furnishing essential information about your talents, interests, and goals, even if the last are not yet fully formed. And you must prepare to use advice intelligently, by familiarizing yourself with all that the University offers as well as with all that it requires.

Your education at Catholic University includes some prescribed courses — both inside and outside of your chosen major field. It also includes liberal arts requirements, where you may choose among a range of courses to fulfill expectations in areas such as fine arts, social science, math, natural science, language, history/politics, literature, philosophy, and religion. And almost every program has room for free electives. Because your college years are a unique opportunity to explore the universe of knowledge and to lay the foundations of a career, it is crucial that you choose your courses well. That means taking responsibility for your education, and choosing with the best information. Thus, besides saving a good deal of trouble, a careful reading of these pages could mean unexpected and substantial future benefits.

Updated May 10, 2023