PURPOSE: To permit students to transfer to or from the School of Arts and Sciences to or from another school within the univer­sity.

WHEN: Normally, transfer is requested in advance of the start of a semester.

NOTES: Students transferring into the School of Arts & Sciences are subject to the same rules of academic good standing as students who are in the school.

CAUTION: A student who has been academically dismissed from the university by another school may not circumvent dismissal by transferring to Arts & Sciences. A student who has not been allowed to continue in a program of another school (as opposed to being dismissed from the university) may apply to transfer to Arts & Sciences.

FORM: Transfer Request Form available in 107 McMahon Hall.

PROCEDURE: Complete the transfer request form available in 107 McMahon. The Associate Dean will then approve the transfer from the School of Arts and Sciences and send the form with the student's records to the school to which the student wishes to transfer. The desired school will then inform the student whether or not he/she has been accepted. If the student is not accepted into that school, the records will be returned to the School of Arts and Sciences. All students transferring to the School of Arts and Sciences must meet with the Associate Dean.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Undergraduate Office, McMahon 107.