PURPOSE: To permit students to transfer to or from the School of Arts and Sciences to or from another school within the univer­sity.

WHEN: Transfer must be requested in advance of the start of a semester. Otherwise, the transfer will not be active until the beginning of the following semester. 

NOTES: Students transferring into the School of Arts & Sciences are subject to the same rules of academic good standing as students who are in the school.

CAUTION: A student who has been academically dismissed from the university by another school may not circumvent dismissal by transferring to Arts & Sciences. A student who has not been allowed to continue in a program of another school (as opposed to being dismissed from the university) may apply to transfer to Arts & Sciences.

PROCEDURE: To ensure that all steps necessary are completed, before filling out this form, please complete the following steps:

Since you are transferring from Arts and Sciences to another school, you must speak with the academic advisor for that new program first. These schools include: School of Architecture and Planning, Busch School of Business, School of Engineering, Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art, School of Nursing, School of Philosophy, National Catholic School of Social Service and the School of Theology and Religious Studies. Please visit the specific school’s website to determine who that is.  

Once you have spoken to the appropriate advisor for your chosen program, please complete your section of the following form and send the PDF to as-ugprogramsoffice@cua.edu. 

FORM: Transfer between Schools form is available here

We will circulate the form for the required signatures and send it to Enrollment Services copying you once completed. 

As an additional note:
If you are changing from one of the departments within the School of Arts and Sciences to another department within Arts and Sciences, that is considered a Change of Major. Please visit this page instead. The list of Academic Advisors for those department’s programs can be found here.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Email as-ugprogramsoffice@cua.edu

Updated January 3, 2024