List of majors in Arts & Sciences
List of advisers for various majors

PURPOSE: To change from one major department to another, or to change from exploratory to a departmental major.

WHEN: At least three weeks prior to a registration period, to allow for processing and moving of records.

NOTES: A "Change of Major" allows a student to be identified and advised in a new department. Approval of a change of major does not, however, constitute formal acceptance as a major by the department. (For procedures to gain acceptance into a department, see the section of this handbook on Acceptance by the Major Department here).

FORMS: "Change of Major," available from the student's adviser in the major department, or here.

PROCEDURE: Information about each department's major programs is found on that department's web page. To access this information, follow the links above. Select the department you are interested in. After familiarizing yourself with the major and its requirements, make an appointment with the department's advising coordinator. (A list of advising coordinators can be found in the link above.)

In consultation with the advising coordinator, complete the Change of Major form, indicating the department from which you are changing and the department to which you are changing. Obtain the signature of the advising coordinator in the department to which you are changing. Sign the form and email to

CAUTION: If you are a Junior or Senior, a change of major department must be accompanied by a written statement from the new department specifying conditions for acceptance and a plan for completing required coursework within a stated period of time.


Updated July 27, 2023