PURPOSE: To obtain formal acceptance as a major in a department.

WHEN: Before reaching Junior status. (For purposes of this regulation, junior status means beyond the fourth full-time semester of college work, or beyond the seventeenth course.)

PROCEDURE: At the end of the sophomore year, a student must have a declared major and must have been accepted into the department. Criteria for acceptance are found on departmental websites. In some cases, if the department finds a deficiency in the student's performance, provisional acceptance may be given (usually for one semester of the junior year) with specific conditions that the student must meet.

If the student is not satisfactorily fulfilling requirements, the department may withdraw acceptance in the major at any time.

A student who has not received acceptance in a major by the junior year may not continue in the School of Arts & Sciences and may be subject to dismissal. Similarly, a junior or senior student whose acceptance by a department has been withdrawn must be accepted in a different major in order to continue. Email the Undergraduate Office at as-ugprogramsoffice@cua.edu for information.

Updated July 27, 2023