The interdisciplinary minor in Medieval and Byzantine Studies offers an introduction to a variety of fields and methodologies of the study of the Middle Ages. It was designed for students who wish to explore medieval culture and history beyond the narrow confines of a traditional major. It allows students to take classes and work with faculty in a number of different schools and departments and to create a meaningful cluster of courses on medieval topics to further their interests in the field.

Are you considering becoming an MBS minor?

You may already have completed many of the courses required! Up to two of your medieval courses in another major (e.g. History, English) and any number of your distribution requirement courses with a medieval focus (e.g. in theology, philosophy, literature, history) may be counted towards the MBS minor. Please contact the MBS Undergraduate Advisor to find out what you need to do next.

Requirements for the Minor:

A total of 6 courses (18 credits) in the following distribution:

I. Three specialized courses, one in each of the following categories:

A. HISTORY AND SOCIAL STRUCTURES: 1 course (3 credits) in any aspect of western or non-western medieval history (e.g., social, political, institutional, economic, legal, cultural, gender studies, etc.).

B. THOUGHT AND WORSHIP: 1 course (3 credits) in medieval religions, theology, philosophy, or liturgy (also including non-Christian traditions).

C. CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC EXPRESSIONS: 1 course (3 credits) in medieval literatures, languages, art, architecture, music, or material culture.

II. Three approved elective courses: 3 additional courses from any of the three categories of specialized courses listed above. Electives may also include relevant language courses (e.g., Latin, Greek, Arabic, Syriac, Coptic) above and beyond the School's foreign language distribution requirement.

For a complete list of approved undergraduate courses, please consult the Undergraduate Advisor. For current course offers, click here.