• A list of all minors and certificates offered in the School of Arts and Sciences can be found here.
  • Students interested in declaring a minor should contact the Director of the Undergraduate Studies for the department offering that minor.  Students interested in declaring a certificate should contact the director of the certificate program.
  • After meeting with the director of the minor or certificate program, students in the School of Arts and Sciences can apply for the program by completing the form found here.
  • Course substitutions are not permitted unless approved by the director of the program and the Associate Dean.
  • No more than two of courses constituting a minor or certificate may be transferred from other institutions.
  • "Inside minors" are not allowed: a student may not choose a minor offered within the same department as the major. There are two exceptions to this: 1) a foreign language major may minor in another foreign language and 2) a student may apply for a minor in the same department as their major if the minor is an interdisciplinary minor (i.e., a  minor consisting of courses from multiple departments).
  • No more than two courses in a minor or certificate may “overlap” with the student’s requirements for the major or majors or other minors or certificates, i.e., no more than two courses may double count between any major(s), minor(s) or certificate(s).
  • A student may complete only one minor offered within any given department.
  • The completion of a minor is recorded on the student's permanent transcript.

Updated March 24, 2022