View a full list of Arts & Sciences majors.

The School of Arts & Sciences has no general studies or basic "liberal arts" major.

The B.S. in Computer Science is offered by CUA's School of Engineering.

Although there is no undergraduate major in Library & Information Science or Semitic/Egyptian languages, it may be possible for undergraduate students to take courses in these departments.

  1. Courses in the major
    A major normally consists of between 11 and 14 of the 40 courses required for graduation. Program requirements are determined by the individual departments. Consult departmental websites for more information about their programs.     
    NOTE: Every course required for a major program must be passed with a grade of C- or better. A required major course below C- must be repeated.
    NOTE: TRANSFER COURSES IN THE MAJOR: At least half of the required courses for the major must be taken at CUA; transfer courses must be approved by the major department before being accepted in the major.

    CAUTION: No course taken pass/fail can be counted in a major program.

  2. Choosing a major
    When should you decide? Students may remain exploratory through the end of their sophomore year.  During this time, the School of Arts and Sciences encourages Exploratory students to work with faculty members and their CACS advisor to select a major as soon as they are ready.  Changing majors is a simple matter during the first two years; see Change of Major for additional information.

  3. Acceptance in a major program
    At the end of the sophomore year, each student must be formally accepted into a major department.
    A student who fails to gain acceptance by the beginning of the junior year (after completing 17 courses) is subject to dismissal from the university. Each department sets criteria for acceptance in their major programs. These criteria are found on the department's web site. Departments also have standards for continuing as a major. A student who fails to meet these standards may be dismissed from the major at any time.

Updated September 30, 2020