Middle Eastern architecture with the words Islamic Word Studies on top

Islamic World Studies (IWS) is Catholic University’s multidisciplinary program focused on the societies, cultures, religious traditions, and politics of the Muslim world. Open to all Catholic University undergraduates, the program offers a Certificate in Arabic & IWS and a Minor in IWS in the School of Arts and Sciences. These programs supplement undergraduate majors by assembling University offerings on the Islamic world, covering the Middle East and Africa to South and Southeast Asia to Europe and the Americas, from the emergence of Islam until today. IWS draws on the expertise of scholars in Modern Languages, History, Media Studies, Semitics, Anthropology, Philosophy, and Religious Studies, as well as resources of the J.K. Mullen Library and the Consortium of Washington Area Universities.

Fall 2022 Courses

HIST 308B: Modern Islam, T Th 3:40-4:55

TRS 398: Introduction to Islam, T Th 2:10-3:25


Arabic Courses

ARAB 101: Introduction to Modern Standard Arabic, M-F 12:40-1:30

ARAB 103: Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I, M-Th 11:10-12:00

ARAB 203: Advanced Composition & Conversation I, T Th 9:40-10:55

SEM 241: Introduction to Arabic I, M W F 9:40-10:30 (instructor's permission required)

SEM 546: Arabic Literature I, T Th 8:10-9:25 (instructor's permission required)