September 18, 2023

How can Catholic University serve the needs of the American people at a time of increasing fragmentation, discord, and social breakdown? The School of Arts and Sciences is working to launch a Master of Public Policy program at Catholic University of America that places the human person and the common good at the center of public policy design and implementation. We believe that our tradition calls us to rise above political polarization and go to the frontiers of social, scientific, and philosophical thought to present an integrated approach to public policy that is founded on a fuller vision of the human person as a social being made in the image of God. To accomplish this bold vision, the Master of Public Policy program gathers expert faculty and practitioners from a wide range of fields and professions to engage in cutting edge research, to train and mentor students, and to actively participate in the development of public policy. 

  • A core curriculum that reimagines public policy as a prudential art oriented towards human flourishing and the common good, while providing tangible skills in data science, policy analysis and strategic communications.
  • Unique program concentrations that maximize Catholic University’s strengths and fill gaps in the policy education landscape: Family and Social Policy, Science and Technology Policy, National Security and Intelligence Policy, Development and Sustainability Policy, and Advanced Policy Analysis (Quantitative)
  • Mentorship and practical experience integrated throughout the program which unites the theoretical rigor of the seminar room with the refining fire of real world problems.

In Fall 2024 (the requisite approvals permitting), we intend to welcome potential students from all backgrounds who are passionate about the common good to join our community. Our principal goal is to equip our students to enter the professional world prepared to develop innovative and ethical public policy solutions to the major challenges of our time, all in service to the most vulnerable, the Church, the nation, and the world.