September 23, 2022
What does it mean to be human? How are freedom and responsibility related?  These are just two of the questions being considered by our first cohort of 72 “Cornerstone Scholars.”  This innovative program is funded by a generous grant from the Teagle Foundation.  Accomplished, curious, and ambitious undergraduates understand the meaning and responsibility of a democratic life through:

  • “Gateway Courses” which consider meaning in life, with an emphasis on various dimensions of good citizenship and the nature of democracy;
  • Enhanced learning communities where student experiences include share common dorms, lectures, trips and activities, and opportunities such as internships and study abroad; and,
  • Four “Pathways” options:  Medical Humanities; Politics, Philosophy, Economics; Global Scholars; Research Scholars. 

Students invited to join the program stand out for their academic achievement and accomplishments as engaged leaders outside the classroom. Starting in their first year, Cornerstone students will be on a path of academic study that aligns with their interests and prepares them for success in today’s challenging workforce or in graduate school. Cornerstone courses are designed to complement a student’s academic major and will not limit other research, internship, and international study opportunities.