Summer Courses at CUA 

  • Registration typically begins in the middle of March. See the Academic Calendar for exact date.
  • Check Cardinal Students for actual courses, times, dates, and locations
  • Make sure you have cleared course selection with your academic adviser before registering.
  • During any given week in the summer term, an Arts and Sciences student may not carry an academic load of of more than 1.2 credit hours per week. This typically means that students can take no more than 4 courses over the summer (2 per session) at Catholic University.
  • EXCEPTION: students with 3.0 or greater GPAs may take a load up to 2.0 credits for one week* during the summer, when courses overlap. Students who do not meet the 3.0 GPA threshold but still wish to take a load >1.2 credits/week (for one week only) must submit a written appeal to the academic dean for review.

*Credit hours/week is calculated by dividing the number of credits in which a student is enrolled by the number of weeks enrolled: i.e., six credits over six weeks = 6/6 = 1.0 credit/week. A scenario to which the summer credit overload guidelines might apply: A student is enrolled in two, six-week, 3-credit courses which then overlap with an eight-week, 3-credit course: (6/6) + (3/8) = 1.375 credit load. 

Off-Campus Summer Courses

  • Students are limited to 2 courses off campus during the summer
  • Consult with your academic adviser about what type of course or courses you should take off campus.
  • Check the guidelines and policies regarding taking off-campus courses for current students
  • All paperwork needed for permission to take courses off campus in the summer should be submitted  via email to by May 1st.
  • Your completed evaluation form will be returned to your cardinalmail account.  Please check it frequently, including the junk mailbox, as there will be an attachment which may get caught in the spam filter.  Make sure to note whether or not the course(s) have equivalencies.  If no credit can be given, then you should not take the course.

Reviewed August 9, 2021