1. 10 of the last 12 courses must be taken at CUA.

Students who wish to take courses elsewhere between the junior and senior years should take note of this "10 of last 12" requirement.

2. At least half of courses for a degree must be taken at CUA.

New transfer students may bring in up to 20 courses total. At least half of the courses required for graduation must be taken at CUA.

3. Transferred courses after matriculation are limited to a total of two times years in residence at CUA. Summer transfer is limited to two courses per year.

A student who enters the School of Arts & Sciences as a freshman may subsequently transfer to the degree program a maximum of eight courses from other colleges; a student who enters as a sophomore, six courses; a student who enters as a junior, four courses.

Courses transferred at the time of matriculation are not included in this limitation; however, as indicated above, total transfer courses are limited to half the number required for the CUA degree.

Courses taken through CUA study abroad programs are not counted as transfer courses. However, study abroad courses through non-CUA programs require transfer.

Transfers from summer school sessions at other institutions are limited to two courses per year, and are subject to the general limitations above.

Updated August 9, 2021