PURPOSE: To permit students to take courses at comparable accredited colleges or universities and to know in advance for which CUA courses these can be substituted.

WHEN: Any time before the student enrolls for the course. A student who wishes to take summer courses elsewhere should submit the evaluation form before May 1. If a student takes a course elsewhere without having it evaluated ahead of time, CUA cannot guarantee transfer credit.

CAUTION: Evaluation of equivalency does not guarantee credit. To receive credit, a course must meet all applicable university policies.

The school specifically limits the number of courses that may be transferred:

(1) total transfer courses within a degree program are limited to half

(2) transfer by advanced students is limited to 2 of the last 12 courses for the degree

(3) the number of courses that may be transferred after matriculation is limited to two times years in residence; and

(4) the number of courses transferred from summer sessions is limited to two per year.

All forms and information required for transfer credit are available from Undergraduate Studies.

PROCEDURE: Complete the appropriate sections of the forms, including (for each course) course, number, credit hours, and dates/days/times of session. During the summer months, students may download, print, complete and email the forms to the Transfer Credit Office at cua-transfercredit@cua.edu 

FURTHER INFORMATION: Transfer Credit Coordinator at cua-transfercredit@cua.edu or visit the Transfer Credit Office

Updated August 9, 2021