For information about study abroad, see the websites of the Office of Global Strategies and CUAbroad.

PURPOSE: To assure that students who study abroad will pursue appropriate courses of study and will receive proper credit. 

WHEN: As soon as possible, but no later than the semester prior to beginning the program abroad.

CAUTION: It is usually not possible to study abroad during the senior year without delaying graduation.

PROCEDURE: The student begins by consulting with CUAbroad, part of the Office of Global Strategies at Catholic University. CUAbroad provides information about various credit programs approved by the university for summer, semester, and year-long study abroad, honors program study abroad, international internships, and intensive language programs. Application forms are available from CUAbroad.  

At the same time, the student should consult with the academic adviser and, as appropriate, with the Associate Dean in order to understand how a particular study-abroad program will fit into the student's curriculum and degree requirements.


  1. Normally, students applying for CUAbroad and year-abroad programs should have completed 45 semester credit hours. In addition, most programs require a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5. Some programs have higher gpa requirements.
  2. The English composition requirement must be completed before studying abroad, and the student must have declared a major.
  3. The foreign language requirement should be completed, or the student must be enrolled for the final course (104 or equivalent), when applying for study abroad. A student may petition to the Associate Dean for an exception to this policy in the following circumstances:

    i) If he/she will make progress on the language requirement while studying abroad;
    ii) If he/she can submit a feasible plan for finishing the language requirement by the end of the first semester after his/her return to campus from study abroad.
    The Associate Dean will assess each student's individual situation before granting or denying a request for an exception.

    FURTHER INFORMATION: CUAbroad, 111 McMahon Hall, 202-319-6010,

    Email Associate Dean Seth Smith at 

    Updated August 9, 2021