PURPOSE: To change a course from regular grading to pass/fail, or to change from credit to audit (no credit).

WHEN: By dates specified in the Academic Calendar.

NOTES: Approval of Associate Dean in the Undergraduate Office is required to change a course to pass/fail or audit. Both audit and pass/fail require that the Change of Enrollment form be completed and submitted to the Undergraduate Office by emailing as-ugprogramsoffice@cua.edu.

CAUTION: Only free electives may be taken pass/fail. This excludes any course required for a major, a minor, focus area, or to fulfill a distribution or liberal arts curriculum requirement, as well as courses (such as elementary foreign language) requiring a minimum grade to move to the next level.

No course may be changed from audit to credit after the end of the period for adding a course at the beginning of the semester.

Students pay regular tuition for courses they audit, but they receive no credit.

FORMS: Registration Change Form is available here

NOTE: Do not inform the instructor that you are changing to pass/fail. The Office of Enrollment Services receives a letter grade and converts it to pass or fail.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Email as-ugprogramsoffice@cua.edu.

Updated July 27, 2023