PURPOSE: To permit a student to withdraw from the university for up to one year without losing status as a member of the university.

WHEN: By the published end of enrollment for the semester in which the student wishes to take a leave of absence.

NOTE: The student must be in good standing. Dismissal for academic reasons overrides a leave of absence previously granted.

NOTE: Since CUA requires continuous enrollment, a student who simply fails to enroll for a regular Fall or Spring semester is considered to have dropped out and must submit the re-admissions application in order to return.

FORMS: Application for a Leave of Absence is available in the Office of the Dean of Students, Pryz 353. If the student is not on campus, please email cua-deanofstudents@cua.edu for more information.

PROCEDURE: Begin by scheduling an interview with the Dean of Students. If registered for the upcoming semester, the student must withdraw from these courses using Cardinal Station.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Dean of Students, 353 Pryzbyla Center