PURPOSE: To arrange, with dean's approval, a special course with an individual professor.

Independent study is intended for advanced study in the student's major or a closely related field. Independent study is not appropriate to replace a regularly offered course, or for introductory level study outside the major. Independent study courses are typically assigned the number 494.

WHEN: During registration for the semester in which the course will be completed. All registration criteria and limitations apply.

CAUTION: Independent study enrollment may not be used to complete courses while away from campus. Independent study must include regular face-to-face meetings with the instructor.

NOTES: No more than two independent study courses may be included in a degree program. Departments may set additional limits.

Minimum Cumulative GPA required: 2.5.

FORMS: Application for Independent Study.

PROCEDURE: The student begins by working out the contents and testing procedures for the project with a faculty member who is willing to direct it. When agreement is reached, the student obtains the Application for Independent Study from the Undergraduate Office of School of Arts and Sciences, McMahon 107. The student and the faculty sponsor complete and sign the form, which is then submitted to the Undergraduate Office for review and approval by the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs. After receiving the Dean's approval, the student may register for the independent student course.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Email as-ugprogramsoffice@cua.edu

Undergraduate Office, McMahon 107

Reviewed August 9, 2021