PURPOSE: To provide extra time when a student is unable to complete required coursework due to circumstances beyond the student's control.

WHEN: A student may request an incomplete grade in a course when an emergency or similar situation arises following the last day to withdraw, but before the end of the semester. When such a situation occurs prior to the published withdrawal date, then the appropriate action is to withdraw from the course.

PROCESS: Incomplete grades require Dean's approval and are entered into Cardinal Station by the Associate Dean; an instructor cannot assign an Incomplete grade, but must forward the appropriate form, with a rationale taking into account the criteria below, to the Associate Dean.

CRITERIA: Dean's approval for an Incomplete grade is given only when ALL of the following conditions are met:

1. The student must specifically request the Incomplete grade; and

2. The student must provide specific evidence to verify an emergency or other extenuating circumstance beyond the student's control that prevents completion of coursework on time; and

3. The student must be passing the course at the time the emergency or similar situation arose; and

4. The amount of coursework remaining must be such that completing it after the conclusion of class sessions is reasonable and academically sound; and

5. The instructor and the student must complete a written agreement specifying what coursework remains to be done and deadlines for submitting it.

NOTES: Incomplete grades are not given simply because a student has not done required coursework on time, or has stopped attending, or has missed required exams.

It is the student's responsibility to provide to the instructor adequate documentation to verify the emergency or other extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control.

FORM: "Grade of Incomplete (I) for Undergraduate Student," available from the department or here

DEADLINES: All grades of Incomplete must be resolved no later than midterm of the following semester. The instructor may, however, set an earlier deadline. The student must submit required material to the instructor sufficiently prior to the deadline to allow the instructor to evaluate it and report the grade before the deadline.

An incomplete grade not resolved by the deadline automatically becomes a failing (F) grade.

Extension of the deadline to resolve an Incomplete grade requires Dean's approval and is rarely granted.

CAUTION: The student is responsible for completing the required coursework and getting it to the instructor on time. Instructors are not required to remind students of deadlines.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Email as-ugprogramsoffice@cua.edu

Updated December 1, 2023