PURPOSE: To change courses or sections after the student's original registration through Cardinal Station.

To ADD OR DROP A COURSE or CHANGE SECTIONS: Must be done by the date specified in the Academic Calendar, usually the Friday of the second week of the semester. Dropped courses do not appear on the grade report or transcript.

To WITHDRAW FROM A COURSE: Must be done by the date specified in the Academic Calendar (approximately one month before the end of classes). These courses appear on the grade report and transcript with a "W" and do not factor into the grade point average.

Consult your academic adviser about how the added or dropped course will affect your progress toward fulfilling degree requirements.

FRESHMEN: Freshmen have academic adviser "holds" that require meeting with the adviser prior to withdrawing from any course.

PROCEDURE: Access the Cardinal Station registration system. To ADD OR TO DROP a class, select "Add/Drop Classes" and follow instructions. For a SECTION CHANGE, or to add and drop in a single transaction, select "Swap a Class" and follow instructions.

Using "Swap a Class" will prevent you from dropping a class or section if your desired alternative is not available.

WARNING: Failure to complete the drop or add process will result in not receiving credit for a course you intended to add, or receiving a grade of F in a course you intended to drop.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Email the Undergraduate Office at as-ugprogramsoffice@cua.edu or the Office of Enrollment Services at cua-enrollmentservices@cua.edu 

Reviewed July 19, 2023