A double major leads to a single degree and consists of a primary and a secondary major. The two majors can be located in one school or in two different schools.

All major-specific requirements (core major courses, comprehensive examinations, and additional major-specific requirements, as defined by the school and approved by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies) must be completed for both majors. All of the general education requirements for the primary major must be completed but not for the secondary major. No more than two core major courses may overlap and count toward both majors.

The degree corresponding to the primary major (BA, BS, BSArch, BE, BM, etc.) will appear on the diploma. Both majors must be completed at the same time: a secondary major cannot be added to a diploma already awarded.

In order to be accepted to a double major, a student must earn a 3.2 cumulative GPA and obtain approval from the academic dean(s) of the relevant school(s) and meet any additional criteria set by the relevant school(s). Students are ordinarily accepted into a double major during the spring semester of their sophomore year.

FORMS: Application for Double Major, available on the Office of Enrollment Services website. 

PROCEDURE: The student must obtain the approval of the department chairs or adviser in both departments and return the form to the Academic Dean of their primary school. After verifying the student's grade point average, the Academic Dean will approve the application and forward it to the Academic Dean of the student’s secondary school (when applicable). The Academic Dean must then submit to the Office of Enrollment Services for processing.

DEGREE AUDIT: The student’s degrees will be verified by the advisor and primary school. The primary school is responsible for conferring with the secondary major’s department or school to validate completion. The student’s name will be submitted on the Senate list only for their primary school.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Email the Undergraduate Office at as-ugprogramsoffice@cua.edu or the Office of Enrollment Services at cua-enrollmentservices@cua.edu 

Updated August 9, 2021