PURPOSE: To take a course at another univer­sity in the Washington Consortium of Universities. For a list of participating universities, click here.

WHEN: Any semester except the semester when the student will graduate. Taking a Consortium course in your final semester may delay graduation, because the required official grade report may not be available in time for Commencement.


A student may not take through the Consortium a course whose equivalent is regularly offered at CUA.

Normally, a course will be approved only if it is required for the student's major or an approved minor program but not available on campus; or if it is a course in a language not taught at CUA.

A Consortium course may not be audited or taken for a different number of credits than it carries at the offering institution.

FORMS: (1) Consortium Request Form: Statement of Need, and (2) Consortium Registration Form.

Both forms are available from the Consortium Coordinator in the Office of Enrollment Services, Fr. O'Connell Hall, RW 200 or in the Undergraduate Office, McMahon 107

PROCEDURE: All the steps outlined below must be completed.

Obtain the Consortium Request Form and the Consortium Registration Form. Meet with your academic adviser. If the course is deemed appropriate, the adviser signs both forms. Take them to the Undergraduate Office, McMahon 107, where the Associate Dean evaluates the request. If the request is approved, take the signed forms to the Consortium Coordinator in the Registrar's office. Once all approval steps are complete, the Consortium Coordinator enters the information into the registration system. Students do not register directly on the web for Consortium courses.

Show, but do not give, your copy of the Consortium Registration form to the course instructor. Keep your copy.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Undergraduate Office, McMahon 107

Office of Enrollment Services 202-319-5300