Every student needs a minimum of 40 courses in order to graduate from the School of Arts and Sciences. However, degree requirements are not satisfied by just any 40 courses.

First, each course must carry at least three credit hours. Some courses may carry more than three credit hours. A one or two-credit hour course does not count as one of the 40 courses for graduation, though it will be included in your grade point average. Many Music courses carry less than 3 credits.

Second, in the School of Arts and Sciences, students graduating in Spring 2020 must take three types  of courses: 1) courses required for the major, 2) general education courses identified as "distribution" requirements, and 3) free electives. Students who wish to complete a double major, a minor, or a certificate can use both distribution areas and free electives to complete the specified requirements.

Students graduating after Spring 2020 must take four types of courses: 1) courses required for the major, 2) courses identified as part of the Liberal Arts Curriculum, 3) courses identified as part of a focus area, and  4) free electives.

Metropolitan School of Professional Studies. CUA's Metropolitan School of Professional Studies offers courses leading to a general studies degree. Except in specifically designated areas or with special permission, a student in Arts & Sciences may not take a Metropolitan College course as part of a BA or BS program.

Reviewed August 9, 2021