Core Courses 

  • AFRI 101 Intro to Africana Studies I 

3 crs. Introduction to the Africana Studies (African American, African, Black Studies) field and survey of factors which helped create the Afro-American experience in the Western Hemisphere.  Proposed to satisfy an Africana Requirement. Cross Listed with sociology.   

  • AFRI 322  Seminar in Africana Studies (Spring 2024)

3 crs. Seminar: Students will engage in seminar (with a component of community engagement) around contemporary theories and practice focused on a theme. The Seminar is an opportunity for students to explore some of the history and issues studied over the course of their minor in greater depth, and to develop a research project using the conceptual and methodological tools of the discipline. Students will complete a paper framed by Africana theory and practice with specific application to their major discipline of study.   Time will be spent working through the multi-step process of writing a well-researched and well-written paper through assignments and in-class (online) workshops/exercises.

Minors must take four additional elective Africana courses to complete the program. 

Fall 2023

  • Psych  287: Community interventions in Mental Health in the African American Community (cross listed with Psychology)

Spring 2024

  • AFRI: Civil Rights and Race
  • AFRI 251: From the Block to the Booth: Hip Hop's Influence on Language and Culture

Additional Electives 

  • RS 321A:  Race and Religion
  • WASH 102: The African American Experience
  • RST 221: African Spirituality (offered once a year-Trinity University partnership)
  • Africana/Archeology: Public Archaeology and the Black Experience
  • AFRI 288: Transnational Blackness Unbound: Reading, Writing, and Confronting The Color Line in the Literatures of Italy and The Americas or Italian Cinematic Neorealism and Global Black Cinemas