The 4+1 Bachelor to Master of Arts (M.A.) in Secondary English Education is offered to students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English who are interested in a teaching career. The program is completed in five academic years plus one summer. During the first four years, students complete their B.A. in English and begin working on their educational curriculum. In the summer following their fourth year and in their fifth academic year, students complete the requirements for the M.A. in Secondary Education. A total of 50 courses must be completed. Students in this program will take four, 3-credit graduate courses during their undergraduate studies. These four courses will count both towards the B.A. and the M.A. degree.

Students will apply to the Teacher Education Program at the end of the sophomore year. If accepted into the program, they will be advised by faculty from the Department of Education and the Department of English. In order to be admitted to take graduate level English courses during their senior year, students will need to earn a grade of A- or better in at least one of the Intensive Reading Courses (i.e., ENG 331, ENG 332, or ENG 333). Graduate classes in English will be selected for each student in consultation with the Education program adviser and the DGS in English, who will approve the course selection.

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    4+1 Bachelor to Master's Degree

    The graduate program in Secondary Education prepares students as middle school and high school teachers in English, Mathematics or Social Studies. This specialty offers the professional education course work needed for state licensure in Secondary Education. Learn more.