Year 1 Progress Report
Reclaim and Renew Our Foundation

We were founded to be a creative, dynamic, inclusive and prestigious force for renewal in service to the Church and nation. We will advance programs and initiatives to educate transformative leaders for our culture: in education, politics, the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences, and the economy. In concert with our internal and external stakeholders, we will enhance our presence on the national and international stage.


Propel Cardinals on a Path of Lifelong Purpose

Our students will face extraordinary economic, political, and social challenges. We will welcome a new generation of students eager to be transformed by an education that prepares them for responsibility and leadership. We will renew the student experience to provide an integrated approach to intellectual excellence, career preparation, experiential learning, as well as ethical, spiritual and political maturity. Cardinals will emerge from this life-changing experience ready to make an impact through their careers and servant leadership in their communities.


Build Opportunities for Excellence

 We will advance the quality of our academic programs by investing strategically in initiatives that elevate our intellectual experience and foster a culture of encounter. We will create dynamic opportunities for intellectual distinction, using our mission to attract, retain and develop outstanding faculty at the cutting edge of research and scholarship. We will invest in new modes of instruction and focus on experiential learning. We will advance academic programs to drive enrollment growth and intellectual community for students and faculty.


Forge a Culture of Shared Success

Cardinals want new levels of success and prestige for the University we love. We will maximize our impact by upgrading our academic facilities and common spaces. We will improve our policies and processes to support and further unleash the capacities of our faculty, staff, and students. We will communicate our success intentionally and coherently to our stakeholders. We will manifest our values by fostering a community rooted in respect, high expectations, and a shared sense of responsibility for excellence.