The Dean's office and your academic adviser use a special form, the "tracking sheet," to keep a record of each student's completion of the require­ments for graduation. The tracking sheet kept by the Undergraduate Office reflects official decisions as to whether completed courses fulfill the various distribution requirements, major requirements, and free electives.

You may obtain an unofficial copy of your tracking sheet at any time by logging into the Cardinal Station website. Go to Student Self-Service, select "Degree Progress," and follow instructions on the screen. You are encouraged to do this frequently, and to review it regularly with your adviser. This is an essential part of managing your education.

You can also use the "A&S Degree Progress" system to see how a change of program/major would affect your academic progress. Simply select a different major program online. This “what if” option makes no permanent changes in your record, and is useful in considering alternative choices.

If you need assistance with your tracking sheet, please contact the Undergraduate Office in McMahon 107 by emailing or call 202-319-5114.

Updated August 18, 2020